DIY with Yardsticks and Rulers

A while back I posted a blog about different DIY ideas. One of the ideas was a sunburst mirror made from rulers. There are plenty of DIY ideas with rulers or yardsticks out there and I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

Of course one idea comes from Ashley Campbell. When she remodeled her kitchen, she add this Yardstick Backsplash.

Love this idea of cutting a yardstick into pieces to then glue onto a can or container. I have a feeling my artsy husband, brother in-law, and his girlfriend would LOVE this.

This would be cool for a studio. Makes me wish we didn’t have carpeted stairs…

Again, these would be good on a piece of furniture in an art studio or even a classroom 😉

In a post titled Top 20 Art Displays for Kid’s Art, I found this cute idea for putting up artwork. However, if you used neutral clothes pins, I think this could easily be put into a kitchen to hold mail, grocery lists, etc.

My Salvaged Treasures
 shows you how to take repurposed yardsticks and turn them into yardstick hook boards.

A French blog, JoJos Room, contains this photo which I think would be a neat idea for book storage.


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