Spray Paint

I’m not a spray paint user, but when I see all of the things that can be created or revived from a can of spray paint, I’m impressed. Inspired by Julie Carson of Joy’s Hope and her love of spray paint, I wanted to share some of my favorite ideas I have seen.

I’ll start first with the items created by Julie:

Mason Jars. How cute are these? So cute they sparked an idea and I will be posting a separate blog on DIY ideas using mason jars.

These are wonderful. I would love to spray paint some red, white, and blue for Forth of July, or maybe red and green for Christmas time.

Here Julie bought some trays and candle holders from a dollar store and turned them into dessert trays! You can see how here.

This is what Julie calls accidental chalkboards.

Next is a headboard that Julie bought from Craigslist for $20. With a can of her favorite shade of spray paint, the “new” headboard cost her a total of $23.

She turned a cookbook stand from Target into a brighter shade.

An old camera became something new.

Now for some other ideas I have found and couldn’t resist sharing:

Spray painting bottles. The Colorful Living Project shows you how.

Everyone has empty cans. This idea comes from the Dos Family.

I LOVE this dinosaur planter. They sell on ETSY for $15, but I’m sure it’s an easy DIY project with a dino figure, box cuter, adn spray paint!

Old spoons? Spruce them up with spray paint.

This idea was presented as a way to have utensils set for an event. You can buy the cheap terra-cotta or plastic pots and spray paint them to match your parties theme.

I’m very OCD and this last idea makes me very happy!  The teacher in me loves these spray painted fruit cans (or peanut cans) to separate crayons!


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