Oven Baked Hot Dogs

I think In the Wabe said it best when she said:

“Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I love hot dogs. I mean, I really love hot dogs.”

I tried her recipe of oven hot dogs yesterday for dinner. I usually only like hot dogs when they’re grilled on a BBQ pit. But after reading her blog post and seeing the pictures of these “OHD”s, I had to try it out.

I followed her directions to the tee. Next time, I think I will use yellow mustard instead of creole mustard and I’m not sold on the relish.

Here’s what you need: hot dogs, buns, mayonnaise, mustard, relish, chili, shredded cheese, onion

First line a cake pan with foil. Then spread mayonaise, relish, and mustard (in that order) on the inside of the bun. Lay all of the hot dogs inside the buns in the pan. Then pour chili (straight from the can), cheese, and diced onions. Pop them in a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes with a piece of foil over the top.

FYI: These are “eat with a fork and knife” kind of hot dogs!

Here’s a picture of how mine turned out…


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