Star Wars

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post on Legos, there was no escaping the popularity of Legos, Star Wars, and Lego Star Wars with my 24 6-8 year olds I taught this year. Today’s post is all about the always popular Star Wars. I pretty sure it’s popularity hasn’t gone down since its 1977 release.

My students got the inkling that I like Star Wars when one day while walking to another class I over heard them talking about it and I said “Alright General Grievous, let’s get walking!”  A boy shouted with his chin dropped to the floor, “You know Star Wars???!” I don’t “know” Star Wars. It’s just such a big part of pop culture and a stable in my home that I “know” of terms and characters.

This year I got pretty big into buying leveled readers for the classroom and the boys couldn’t get enough of these. It made me a little more popular with them! They sell them at any book store.

Here are a few more of my favorite (Star Wars) things…

Ashley Ann Cambell (are you sick of me talking about her brillance?) has 3 boys. Therefore Star Wars is a big hit in her house. For Halloween, she made DIY Star Wars Costumes for the whole family. If you like Star Wars, you owe it to yourself to click that link and see the cuteness and detail of each costume!

William Sonoma has a Star Wars Line. They have sandwich cutters, pancake molds, spatulas, aprons, cupcake tins, cookie cutters, etc.

How cute are these Yoda and Stormtrooper sandwiches?

Star Wars Party

Star Wars parties can be a big hit with ideas like these Yoda cookies, Princess Leia cupcakes, Yoda Soda, and Han Solo in Carbonite (Jello).  Just Jenn Recipes had a lot more party ideas like Ewok food (trail mix), spicy Yoda ears (edamame), blue milk, and Cloud City pops.

Products I Love

Growth Chart you can print.

Art from Handz ETSY Shop. I swear my future sons will have these in their bedroom!

And last is some typography art.


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