DIY (do it yourself) is pretty big in the blog world. I could easily create a blog post (or two) on just Ashley Ann Campbell’s DIY tutorials from Under the Sycamore. Here are a few of her ideas that I am smitten with, along with a few other DIY “lovelies”.

Under the Sycamore Tutorials

With summer a week away, this PVC Water Park looks easy and fun for people with children who love having fun in the sun!

Box Town is sooo cute! This would be awesome for boys or girls. What an awesome idea for rainy days that need to be spent inside?

When Ashley saw a $25 JCrew tshirt she thought she could make herself, out came this Stunt Man Tshirt that she made for $5.

This is a DIY for people with newborns-one year. However, I think these Closet Dividers could be used to separate other things…such as children who share a room, and therefore a closet.

Ashley’s a big fan of chicken wire (she has an entire wall in her bedroom covered in it). This Chicken Wire Frame idea is so cute!

When I started following Ashley’s blog, one of the first post I saw was this Vintage Cateye Onesie post. How adorable is this? I have followed her posts for over a year now and since then she’s even made her daughter a Cateye Shirt to replace the onesie she outgrew!


Other DIY Tutorials…

Chenin Boutwell from Boutwell Studios and Fudge Banana Swirl is photographer and mom. Here are two DIY posts of hers that I fell for.

How cute are these ABC Photo Flashcards? I love the idea of putting personal photos on alphabet cards.

Chenin’s son wanted an ice-cream party for his birthday. She made these very cute ice-cream cone ballons! Such a good idea for a ice-cream sundae party.

This Where We’re From artwork is sold on ETSY, but could easily be done yourself. A similar idea is the Heart Maps. A great idea to show places you’ve lived or places you’d love to travel to.

How awesome is this Heart Garland made from paint swatches??

And last is something I’m sure I could do. All you need is a mirror and some rulers/meter sticks.



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