People of Interest

When thinking of different ideas for posts, I knew I wanted to do a post on two of the three people I listed below. I thought about doing them separately, but knew they would be pretty small posts. Then I realized that this week starts big events in both of their lives. I wanted to add a third person into the mix and immediately thought of who, like the other two, has something big coming up this week, and is also a person of my own interest. So this post, “People of Interest”, is about three people: Mia Michaels, Lady Gaga, and Oprah.

Clearly she is not as well known as the other two people, however, she is someone I would love to meet. When Adam was asked “What famous person do you think Brittany would say she would want to be?”, Adam responded with “Mia Michaels”.

Every summer Fox has the competition called “So You Think You Can Dance”. If you have never seen it, the new summer season start this Thursday. Just like other competitions, it starts with auditions. Once the horrific dancers are weeded through, a wonderful competition of different types of dancing begins. In the past, Mia has been a contemporary choreographer on the show. This past year, Mia took a break from choreographing duet pieces and took a seat at the judges table, replacing loud mouthed Mary Murphy. I’m sad to hear that Mary is back and Mia will not be judging. However, I’m hoping this means we will get to once again see her choreography on a weekly basis. Mia was nominated for five Emmy’s for her choreography for the show, and walked away with four. One of her Emmy wins is her Addiction piece from season five. If I HAD to pick a favorite couples piece, this would be it.

My favorite group piece is her Every Little Thing She Does is Magic piece from season 7. My favorite All Star has become Allison Holker, which is the female dancer featured in this dance.

Just a little tidbit for the Mia fans out there. She and Carrie Ann Inaba are launching a TV series on ABC called Grace. There isn’t much information about this new drama show, but I hear, “The story follows dysfunctional family drama set in the world of professional dance and it’s from Grey’s Anatomy writer Krista Vernof.” Soooo, I’m pretty damn excited!

Lady Gaga:
I admit that I am a “little monster”. I have fallen for this crazy, messed up, vocal queen. Her third album comes out tomorrow, May 23rd. The new album, Born This Way, is much anticipated after her egg entrance to the Grammy’s in February. I know there are many people out there that think she is nuts, and of course, I do too. However, she isn’t just a singer. Lady Gaga is a PERFORMER. She is our generation’s Elton John, Freddy Mercury, and Madonna. If you haven’t tuned into her HBO special at Madison Square Garden, find out when it airs next and DVR it. It’s the two hour taping of her Monster Ball tour and The video below is an acoustic version of Born This Way that I have watched, hmmm about 10 times in the past month or so. It’s low key Gaga, not the bloody, birthing, zombie Gaga you typically see.

Disclaimer: I, as an adult, enjoy Lady Gaga. I do not think she is for everyone. I also do not think any child should be listening to or watching her music (videos or performances). She pushes the boundaries to have a voice. Similar to Marilyn Manson who said something like “Parents who bring their children to my shows needs to have their heads examined”, I believe the same with Lady Gaga. She is not for children.

My last person of interest is Oprah. After 25 years on the air, Oprah will host her last show on Wednesday. I’m pretty devastated about this. I am 25 and have not known of a time when someone couldn’t say “DId you see Oprah today?”. She is my 4:00 ritual. Once I started working and couldn’t be home for 4:00, I was so happy to have my DVR. It also didn’t hurt that over the past year or two it aired again at 10:00. There is not another show on air that has the same appeal and topics of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Who else has a week of shows that could cover Tom Hanks, “s” shaped poop, sister wives, and biggest dreams come true? I will truly miss the show and hope her new network, OWN, which began in January will fill its void. Trying to think of your favorite moment or episode on Oprah is impossible. What made me laugh the most were episodes including Oprah’s best friend, Gayle King. My favorite moment with Oprah and Gayle has to be their trip back to the colonial ages (when they were told they couldn’t wear panties) and their road trip (when Gayle wouldn’t stop singing). Here is a vimeo of the colonial episode of Oprah. It’s long, but if you haven’t seen it and have the time…watch it!

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